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Uses and abuses of masks in the Coronavirus era

Do masks really protect us or merely provide us with a false sense of security? How are they used correctly, in which situations are...

Coronavirus: the Italian “Immuni” App (what it is and how it works)

The situation in Italy remains one of the most under control and from which, eventually, to take inspiration. In fact, it seems that (slowly)...

Coronavirus: Do air conditioners carry the virus?

The heat should be our ally against the coronavirus, but this summer's heat will force us to turn on our air conditioners. How much...

COVID-19: What treatments are available?

SARS-CoV-2: an unknown virus with a high degree of contagiousness, mistaken for a trivial flu, that is capable of triggering a tsunami of reactions...

COVID-19: pneumonia or thrombosis?

The results of the latest research could upset (again) everything we know about the coronavirus. And what about diagnoses and therapies, which seem to...




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