About US

The idea was born in a late afternoon while Autumn colored the leaves of a beautiful Swiss valley. Two very different people with a common passion: communication. Federico learned it in the field and supports it with his Biological competence. Matteo is a communications professional with years of experience and study behind him. Together, we will try to communicate in a clear and effective way the innovations of Biology and Medicine, and we’ll try to help you to understand, in particular, how diagnostics will change in the near future. Follow us!

Federico Sebastiani
I've always been passionate about science and have a Degree in Biological Sciences and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. After six years of basic and applied research, I joined the company that provided the DNA sequencers that led Celera Genomics to complete the sequencing of the first human genome shortly before the same result was achieved by the "Human Genome Project" international public consortium. Subsequently, I became interested in human and animal diagnostics, and the development of molecular techniques from research-to-clinic. Science4Life represents the next stage of my personal journey, a stage in which I will make my experience and knowledge accessible to everyone.
Matteo Grigatti
I've always been passionate about communication and marketing, with the desire to always learn something new. Dreamer, proud father, and lover of football, basketball, tennis (and sports in general), I've launched several websites, as well as my own (grigateo.com) and collaborated with several newspapers. I have had several work experiences around the Europe, like Malta and Germany, and now live in Switzerland. I hold an MBA at Roehampton University with a thesis on sport and social media, and a Master in Digital Business Strategy at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Dragged into the project by Federico, I was convinced by "wanting to talk" about seemingly complicated topics, but in a language within everyone's reach.

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